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Terms and conditions


Leviraitti 7A
99130 SIRKKA

Kiinteistövirkut Oy agrees on these kinds of terms with accommodation ordering, booking and already ordered services cancellation. These terms will become binding to both sides, when the customer has paid the prepayment. The booking must be made by an adult.


After accommodation booking the client will get a confirmation that has instructions how to find booked accommodation at Levi and where the client can get the keys. Booking is confirmed when the client has paid the advance payment (that is 30% from the whole price) and service payment 15€ (includes VAT 24%) till the due date. Rest of the accommodation price has to be paid 4 weeks before arriving at Levi. If your booking is made later than 8 weeks before your stay at Levi you pay the full payment and the due date is from 1 till 7 days when the reservation is made.


If you want to cancel your booking, you must ALWAYS do so in writing to Kiinteistövirkut Oy. If you cancel the booking:

  • 28 days before arrival the paid amount will be returned deducted with the cancellation payment 50€ and the service payment 15€.
  • later than 28 days before arrival the whole amount will be charged.


The cancellation will take effect from the day we receive your written notification. If you can prove you have made and sent your cancellation to the right address to us at the due date, we will accept your cancellation whether we receive your notification late or none at all. If your cancellation is caused by sudden illness, injury or death of a close relative we will refund to you your payment except the service payment 15€ and the cancellation payment 50€. Cancellation has to be done immediately. You will have to present a reliable document, e.g. a doctors certificate (within 14 days), on the case. Cancellation has to be done before the first day of the booking. If you want to change your booking after confirmation, we will have to consider it as a cancellation of your booking and the new arrangements will constitute an entirely new booking.


If there is a case of force majeure or other reasons such as fire or water damages in the booked accommodation Kiinteistövirkut Oy has a right to cancel the booking. In this case we will refund all money that has been paid. In case of the payments are not done on time Kiinteistövirkut Oy reserves right to cancel the booking.

If the client causes disturbance or danger and despite notice from the provider of the accommodation the client does not stop it, the provider has the right to terminate the rental

agreement. In this case all costs will be charged from the client and the rental payment will not be refunded.


The key to your holiday accommodation will be handed to adult (show i.d.) when you show the receipt that you have paid the entire amount. The key to your accommodation will be handed to you at 16.00 o’clock on the day you arrival. Agree upon the key handing with Kiinteistövirkut Oy
2 working days in advance by telephone or e-mail.


If the key gets lost you have to inform about it immediately to Kiinteistövirkut Oy. If the key is not to be found the customer will be charged of the new keys and new locks 390€


Your accommodation will be at your disposal from 16.00 on your arrival day until 11.00 on your departure day. The rent of the accommodation includes kitchen utensils and dishes, heating (normal temperature is about +20C) and lightning. If the price of the accommodation does not include the bed linen or end of stay cleaning You are expected to bring your own linen and towels with you and to do departure cleaning yourself unless you agree otherwise when booking your holiday.

If the bed linen are ordered less than 3 days prior to the arrival, the normal price of the bed linen will be increased with +25% and a delivery charge 30€ will be added to the price.
If the departure cleaning is not done by the customer, the owner of the accommodation or Kiinteistövirkut Oy has the right to charge the cleaning payment in double.

Even if the end of stay cleaning would include in the price of the accommodation or it has been ordered from Kiinteistövirkut Oy, the client has to leave the accommodation like after regular use. If the accommodation is unconscionable dirty the provider has a right to charge the client about it. NO SMOKING IN THE HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATIONS! In case of smoking in the accommodation we will charge the cleaning payment, at least 300€


The client is bound to indemnify the accommodation owner for any damages of the apartment or the movable property of the apartment during the holiday. Whether the damage is intentional or accidental. If there are ski passes included in the price of the accommodation, the client has to return the ski passes at the departure day at 11.00.a.m. If the client loses the passes or do not return them, the provider has a right to charge the costs of the new ski passes from the client.


The number of persons staying at the apartment should not exceed the number given in your invoice. Tents or caravans on the building site are not allowed without a separate permission. Pets are allowed into some accommodation units. Inform about your pet when you book the apartment. You are obliged to clean the spoor after your pet.
In those apartments that the pets are not allowed, it will not guarantee that the apartments would be suitable for the allergic.

In the use of the outside hot tubs that the client has ordered to the accommodation must be agreed in advance with the provider. The firewood and the water that will be used to fill the hot tub will be charged from the client separately.


Should you have any cause to complaint about the booking or sate of your holiday accommodation you must immediately inform the owner of the accommodation maintenance. If the problem remains unsolved you should contact Kiinteistövirkut Oy within 3 days cell. 0108350300. If the problem still remains unsolved you can make your complaint in writing to Kiinteistövirkut Oy within a week after your booking has ended. Should we not be able to settle things amicably you are entitled to have the dispute arbitrated at the Finnish Consumer Complaint Board.

If the client has not informed about any possible problems or complaints during the staying in the accommodation, the clients has no right to the possible refunds.
Kiinteistövirkut Oy is not responsible for any problems caused by natural conditions, voles, construction works nearby, interruption in the supply of water, electricity, television service failure or possible internet service failure.


Incorrect price data is not bound by the Levi Tourist Office, if the price is so obviously incorrect that the customer should have understood it. Such a situation could be, for example, if the difference between the given price and the actual correct price is very high or if the wrong price can be considered to be abnormally low compared to the overall price level.

The parties shall endeavor to settle any disputes on the contract through negotiation.

If no agreement is reached, disputes will be settled in The Consumer Disputes Board or in The District Court of Lapland. The contract is governed by the Finnish law

Kiinteistövirkut Oy is not responsible for misprints or changes occurring after the printing out of the booking conditions. We reserve the right for price changes. VAT in valid regarding current legislation rules.